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The future miniaturization of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-27
Miniaturization of capacitor products-including obtaining higher capacitance, retention voltage, insulation and isolation characteristics, and other key electrical parameters in a smaller package, enabling engineers to design In terms of flexibility. As the package size shrinks, the lead-free trend has become the focus of attention. Appropriate devices are emerging, enabling metal film capacitors to meet upcoming specifications. For example, the compact, lead-free EMI suppression metal film capacitors of the CBB series meet these requirements. The capacitance value range is expanded from 1.0nF to 4.7uF, the package size is smaller, and the pitch is reduced to a larger size. Usually, engineers need to quickly complete the design of EMI filters, ballasts, buffers and power supplies, and rarely have relations with capacitor manufacturers. In general, for high value-added products, designers need to devote themselves to perfecting the distinctive features of the product, including special molds, capabilities, stylish appearance, or long battery life. Sometimes product designers and capacitor manufacturers need to customize solutions to meet special challenges, such as application requirements, meeting special market requirements, or passing specific tests, and so on. These may include: providing specific capacitance values u200bu200bin other package sizes, shrinking packages for space-constrained applications (such as filtering of automotive AC power supplies), or using integrated passive device (IPD) technology to incorporate filters or system functional modules. If the expected output is large enough to make this technology feasible, IPD can save space and unit product cost. Surface mounting is the future development trend of metal film capacitors, and X and Y type voltage suppression devices may adopt this technology in the future. While through-hole mounting is still the main form of this type of capacitor, some suppliers can provide pre-forming services for component pins, enabling customers to shorten assembly time and complexity. If the customer requests, the supplier also provides customized tests during manufacturing, such as withstanding particularly high peak voltage or current. The end product designer may also need the supplier to guarantee the performance of the product under varying temperatures or other special conditions. When these special requirements exist, the manufacturer's expertise can significantly shorten the product design and verification process. Metal film capacitors are important components in the electronics industry. Although the corresponding production and structural technologies continue to develop to provide greater capacitance and better electrical performance, these devices are rarely related to the new features of new products. In this case, because people often need to complete design and component selection quickly, when special needs arise, capacitor manufacturers provide one-to-one services to help solve design problems and ensure interference filters, basic signal conditioning circuits and electronic towns. The smooth completion of basic functional modules such as streamers.
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