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The historical origins of capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-29
The principle of electrolytic capacitor was found in 1886 by carol pollack, as part of his research, anodic oxidation of aluminum and other metals. Pollack, found that due to the aluminum oxide layer thickness of thin, exist between the aluminum and electrolyte solution of a very high capacitance. One of the main problem is that most of the electrolyte tend to dissolve the oxide layer of again, the power is removed, but he has finally found that boric acid sodium ( Borax) Will allow the formation of the layer, rather than against it. He was awarded a patent in 1897 the borax solution of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The first application of this technology is to make startup capacitor is suitable for the single phase alternating current ( AC) The motor. Although most of the electrolytic capacitors are polarized, i. e. , they only operate with direct current ( DC) , anodic oxidation of aluminum plate by respectively, and then mixed them in a bath of borax, it has the potential to make a capacitor, can be used in communication systems. From the beginning of 1914 small electrolytic capacitor, used as a crystal radio a decoupling capacitor. It has about 2 micro method of capacitance. Electrolytic capacitor of the nineteenth century and the early 20th century a little impatient to modern type, its structure is more along the storage battery. The borax must periodically filled with distilled water, electrolyte solution reminiscent of lead-acid battery again. This type of capacitance of the DC version of the first major application is in a large telephone exchange, the decrease of 48 v DC power relay hash ( Noise) 。 Ac power supply of the development of domestic radio receiver in the late 1920 s to create the needs of large capacitance ( At the time) High voltage capacitor, usually at least 4 micro method, rated at 500 VDC. Wax paper and oiled silk capacitance respectively are available, but as the capacity and rated voltage in the order of bulky and expensive equipment. The ancestors of modern electrolytic capacitor patent by Julius & middot; Delin anfield in 1926. Mr Reinfeldt's design is similar to a silver mica capacitor, but in the medium instead of mica paper soaked in electrolyte. Proved impractical fully sealing device, however, and in the power of the typical operating radio receiver thermal capacitor rapidly under the condition of dry and failure. Ralph DMershon is recorded and developed the first commercially available & other The radio & throughout; Electrolysis is used by any number of capacitance ( Although other researchers make roughly the same equipment) 。 In & other; Mershon condenser & throughout; Because it is a known ( Condenser is used for capacitor earlier term) Build similar to traditional capacitor paper, aluminum foil of two long strip interwound with insulation paper strip, but with the electrolyte solution instead of saturated wax paper. Rather than trying to seal, Mershon solution is simply to adapt to the capacitor to a very large aluminum or copper, half full of redundant electrolyte. These units are called & other; Wet electrolysis & throughout; , and those associated with liquid in it by the radio collector precious old-fashioned. “ Mershons” Immediately successful, and named & other; Mershon condenser & throughout; Is that a short period of time is the same as in the late 20 s quality radio receiver. However, due to some trouble, its service life is quite short, Mershon company in the early 1930 s bankruptcy. But it was not until after the second world war, when there are enough resources, finally applied to the electrolytic capacitor is not reliable cause, they began to be reliable, their today. A major progress is etched and the process of metal foil in the process of the anodized before assembly, it allows you to use much less corrosive electrolyte, which in turn means that the device can be left without excitation long time is not bad. Idle after decades of modern electrolytic capacitor can remain available, polarization voltage without original Mershons cannot tolerate more than a few months. Detail & other; Comeback & throughout; Program is necessary, in order to avoid damage to those who are not used for a period of time the receiver.
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