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The influence of altitude on capacitor have?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-18

elevation on the influence of the capacitor have? Mainly has the following five, the influence of concrete have ShenMao capacitance capacitor manufacturer detailed introduction for you. 1. Stress levels problem of high voltage electrolytic capacitor as the altitude and temperature change and change, so in different altitudes have different correction coefficient KR must use to solve, must therefore choose different stress levels, with the increase of altitude, insulation performance will become worse, so must choose the right stress levels. 2. Partial discharge from electrolytic capacitor with the increase of altitude, electrolytic capacitor of the pressure difference between the internal and external get bigger, capacitor internal partial discharge must be considered at the same time to make the necessary correction. 3. The temperature difference problem with the increase of altitude, temperature difference between day and night will increase, therefore, must consider the influence of the heating effect of the temperature difference of condenser, 4. Temperature rising with the increase of altitude, the rise of temperature of the condenser get bigger, the rise in the average temperature rise of the 1000 m increases 5 k, so you have to choose low temperature rise or 105 - degree product. 5. Sealing ( A very key) With the increase of altitude, temperature difference between day and night get bigger, the internal and external pressure difference is bigger, cause the loss of the sealing, must be special sealing treatment. Conclusion: in short, for different altitude, must choose different aluminum electrolytic capacitor, otherwise there will be many unexpected problems, so the right selection is very important for users of electrolytic capacitor.
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