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The introduction of the classification of the electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-18
The classification of the electrolytic capacitor, the traditional method is according to the anode material, such as aluminum or tantalum. So, electrolytic capacitor anode in, for the following: 1, aluminum electrolytic aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made the anode, aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a crooked ribbon do the positive. Also need to be treated with dc voltage, make the positive plate is formed on a layer of oxide film as medium. It is characterized by large capacity, but the leakage is big, poor stability, has the positive and negative polarity, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits. When using, is don't pick up the cathode. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor marked on the body of the volume and pressure, these two parameters is very important, is the most basic content choose capacitance. In actual capacitance type selection, fast to current change places with a large capacity of capacitance, but not the capacity is bigger, the better, first of all, increases capacity, cost and volume could increase, in addition, the greater the capacitance charging current, charging time will be longer. These are the actual application to consider in the selection. 2, tantalum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum electrolytic capacitor of suppliers as electrolytic capacitors, electrolytic capacitor supplier of category, is a kind of using metal tantalum ( Ta) As the anode material and made, according to the different anode structure can be divided into the foil type and powdered tantalum burn knot type two kinds, in tantalum powder sintering type tantalum capacitor tantalum capacitor suppliers, and because of working electrolyte are different, divided into solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor tantalum capacitor and the solid electrolyte. Widely used in communications, aerospace and military industry, sea view and advanced electronic devices, civil electrical appliances, television and other aspects. Solid tantalum capacitors is first developed by the bell laboratories in 1956, its performance is excellent, is small in size and capacitor of all can achieve larger capacitance products. Tantalum capacitor is varied, shape and suitable for SMT, small and easy to made type component. Adapted to the needs of the development of automation and miniaturization of electronic technology at present. Although tantalum raw materials are scarce, tantalum capacitor prices more expensive, but due to a large number of high volume tantalum powder ( 30KuF. g - 100KuF. V / g) , plus the capacitor manufacturing process improvement and perfect, tantalum electrolytic capacitor or got rapid development, using range is becoming more and more widely. Tantalum capacitors, not only in military communications, aerospace and other fields widely used, and the range of use in the industrial control, video equipment, communication instrument used in great quantities, and other products. 3, columbium electrolytic capacitor it with metal tantalum [ tǎn] Or niobium [ 倪 ] Be positive, do with dilute sulfuric acid liquor, such as the anode, generated by surface of tantalum and niobium oxide film do medium is made. It is characterized by small volume, large capacity, stable performance, long service life, insulation resistance, good temperature characteristic. With the equipment in high demand. This kind of capacitor is now rarely, so much is introduced.
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