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The key to the correct choice of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-29
Metal film capacitors play a very important role in the power supply. How to correctly choose metal film capacitors, especially the choice of output filter capacitors, is a problem that every engineering and technical personnel is very concerned about. Common electrolytic capacitors used in 50Hz power frequency circuits have a pulsating voltage frequency of only 100Hz, and the charging and discharging time is on the order of milliseconds. In order to obtain a smaller pulsation coefficient, the required capacitance is as high as hundreds of thousands of μF. Therefore, the goal of ordinary low-frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitors is to increase the capacitance. The capacitance, loss tangent value and leakage current of the capacitor are used to identify them. The main parameters of pros and cons. The metal film capacitor output filter electrolytic capacitor has a sawtooth voltage frequency of up to tens of kHz or even tens of MHz. At this time, the capacitance is not its main indicator. The standard to measure the quality of high-frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitors is 'impedance-frequency'. 'Characteristics, require a lower equivalent impedance within the operating frequency of the switching power supply, and at the same time have a good filtering effect on the high-frequency spikes generated when the semiconductor device is working. Ordinary metal film capacitors begin to appear inductive at around 10kHz, which cannot meet the requirements of switching power supplies. The special metal film capacitor for switching power supply has four terminals. The two ends of the positive aluminum sheet are led out as the positive electrode of the capacitor, and the two ends of the negative aluminum sheet are also led out as the negative electrode. The current flows in from one positive terminal of the four-terminal capacitor, passes through the inside of the capacitor, and then flows from the other positive terminal to the load;
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