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The main factors of capacitance fever mainly because of what?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-03

the main factors of capacitance fever mainly because of what? Ripple is one of the cause of spontaneous thermal capacitance, capacitance charge library role, when the voltage increases, they are charging. To load voltage reduction, they discharge, They essentially to play the role of a smooth signal. When there is the dc voltage ripple voltage of capacitor, the capacitor will experience changes in voltage, and according to the applying of the power supply, may also have a change of current, as well as the continuous and intermittent pulse power. Why regardless of the input form, the change of capacitance electric field experience will lead to the dipole oscillation in the dielectric material, so as to generate heat. This is known as spontaneous thermal reaction behavior, dielectric properties is become one of the important indicators of the main causes of, because any parasitic resistance ( ESR) Or inductance ( ESL) Will increase energy consumption. In theory, a perfect capacitance, itself does not produce any energy loss, but in fact, because of the materials for manufacturing capacitance resistance, inductance, capacitance of the dielectric loss, a variety of reasons cause the capacitance is not 'perfect'. One is not 'perfect' the capacitance of the equivalent circuit can be seen as composed of resistor, capacitor, inductor, below the graph is not a 'perfect' tantalum capacitor, its equivalent circuit consists of resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode of series-parallel circuit.
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