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The main parameters of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-14
All relevant, the ESR requirement is lower, the better. When rated voltage is fixed, the more the greater the capacity of the ESR is low. When the capacity is fixed, the variety of selects high rated voltage can reduce the ESR. When high frequency when the ESR, high frequency low ESR, high temperature will lead to rising the ESR. The equivalent series resistance ESR many brands available on the specifications. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor frequency characteristic: with the rise in frequency, the general regularity of electric capacity decline in electrolytic capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors capacitance loss under the effect of electric field, the internal energy consumed by a fever in unit time is called loss. All kinds of capacitance specifies its loss value in a certain frequency range, the wastage of the capacitance is mainly composed of dielectric loss, loss of conductance and capacitance all caused by the resistance of the metal parts. Under the effect of dc field, the electrolytic capacitor loss to leakage loss of form, usually small, under the action of alternating electric field, the capacitance loss is not only related to the leak guide, and associated with periodic polarization process. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor ripple current, ripple current for stone machine filter circuit, is a very important parameter. Ripple current is very high. Its associated with working frequency, the higher the frequency the greater the ripple current, the lower the frequency ripple current is smaller. Traditional think that we need in the low frequency can has a high ripple current, in order to get good large current discharge characteristic, make the low frequency of more strong full elastic, and good control drive characteristic; In fact in the high frequency high ripple current to sound positive help is big, can reduce high frequency have better extension and rough feeling. Leakage current aluminum electrolytic capacitor have leakage, this is determined by the physical structure. Needless to say, leakage current, of course, is as small as possible. The higher the electrolytic capacitance and leakage current is big; Reduce the working voltage can reduce leakage current. In turn choose higher pressure variety would also help reduce the leakage current. Combining the above two parameters, the same priority selection under the condition of high pressure variety is indeed a good simple and feasible method; Reduce the internal resistance, to reduce the leakage current, reduce the loss Angle and increased longevity. It's a lot of good, only the price will be higher. Have a saying, electrolytic capacitor when work in is far lower than the rated working voltage, unable to be effectively enough to maintain depolarization effect between electrode and the electrolyte, can lead to polarization and electrolytic capacitors to reduce the ripple current, increase the ESR, thus early aging. But this premise is 'is far lower than the rated voltage', integrated some long-term practical experience, selection of the rated working voltage of the nominal value about two-thirds as normal working voltage, is more reasonable to *. Amateur cases of electrolytic capacitor leakage current roughly estimate. The same capacity of electrolytic capacitor shall be carried out in accordance with the rated voltage under charging, placed after a period of time to detection at the ends of the electrolytic capacitor voltage drop. Reduced voltage less leakage current. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor nominal parameter is listed number on electrolytic capacitor shell (1) static capacity, with uF said. (2) working voltage ( workingvoltage) Referred to as 'WV, shall be the nominal TVC, that is applied in the circuit, shall not exceed the nominal voltage. (3) temperature: the most common is 85 degrees, 105 degrees. Under the condition of high temperature ( For example, pure class a amplifiers) To select a 105 degrees of nominal. In general optimization to improve the performance of other parameters of high temperature coefficient also have a positive help.
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