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The naming rules of power capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-05-18
At present, the naming of power capacitors on the market is rather confusing. They don’t have a uniform and fixed model like miniaturized capacitors. In most cases, each company names it according to its own series. For naming, under normal circumstances, it will include the main types of model naming. For example: MKMJ is one of the models of power capacitors. Its combination is the same as the naming and composition rules of conventional miniaturized capacitors, such as the MKMJ example above. Power capacitor M; pulse power capacitor K: vacuum filled MJ: metalized film literally translated in Chinese is: metalized vacuum pulse power capacitor if it is a little more complicated example: BKMJ-0.4-30-3-WB: parallel power capacitor K : Vacuum filled MJ: Metallized film 0.4: Rated withstand voltage 0.4KV 30: Rated capacity 30kvar 3: Three-phase W: Outdoor use If the name of each power capacitor is so long, it is not so objective for the memory point, so it is common Most of them only use the first three material letters at the beginning, plus their own naming serial number, or directly name them according to the company’s products. The naming directly does not use these parameters, because the specific parameter data will still be on the label paper Reflected. The label format shown in the picture directly uses MKMJ, and the 90 number at the back is a series of similar models. The capacity and withstand voltage of the power capacitor at the back are directly identified by the letter meaning of the power capacitor in the following sorting. Once you encounter the power capacitor specifications you don’t understand, you can directly analyze it: The first is the series product code, which expresses the main features of the power capacitor: A AC filter power capacitor B Parallel power capacitor C Series power capacitor D DC filter Power capacitor E AC motor power capacitor F Safety protection power capacitor J Short circuit (voltage equalization) power capacitor M Pulse power capacitor O Coupling power capacitor R Electromagnetic induction heating power capacitor X Series resonance power capacitor Y Standard power capacitor Z DC power capacitor ZO DC coupling The second place for power capacitors is the dielectric code, which expresses the type of raw material for the liquid medium: TY WA Benzyl xylene B Isopropyl biphenyl C Castor oil D Nitrogen F Diarylethane G Silicone oil K Air L Sulfur hexafluoride S Paraffin T, Phenylene W, Alkylbenzene Y, Mineral oil Z, Edible oil, the third place is the medium code, which expresses the inter-electrode main medium code: D Nitrogen F Membrane paper composite L Sulfur hexaoxide M Full membrane MJ Metallized membrane
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