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The normal use of horn electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-29
Horn can call again lead electrolytic capacitor foil type electrolytic capacitor, it relative to other type needle electrolytic capacitor has a large capacity, high pressure, etc. Here we use method, process, etc. , will affect our horn the service life of the capacitor, so we should pay attention to what problem? Ox horn capacitance of conductive ability is decided by ionization capacity and viscosity of the electrolyte. When the temperature falls, the electrolyte viscosity increases, and ion mobility and conductive ability to reduce. When the electrolytic cools frozen, ion mobility is very low so that a very high resistance. On the contrary, excessive heat will speed up the electrolyte evaporation, when the amount of electrolyte is reduced to a certain limit, ox horn capacitance life has ended. In cold area ( General - Below 25 ℃) Work, it needs to be heated, guarantee the normal work of the electrolytic horn capacitance of temperature. Such as outdoor type UPS, in our country northeast area is equipped with heating plate. If the ox horn capacitance running in higher than the maximum permissible temperature for a long time, and will accelerate the horns condenser heat aging. And its temperature should be chosen on the one hand, categories and adapt to the environment temperature of actual horn capacitor, so pay special attention to in the horn capacitor installation using horn capacitance in the actual use condition of ventilation, heat dissipation and radiation problem, make the horn capacitance in the heat generated by the operation of the distributed in a timely manner, one thousand party hundreds at high temperatures reduce the horn capacitance within the medium temperature, etc. Horn capacitance in overpressure condition easy to breakdown, and the practical application of surge voltage and instantaneous high voltage often occurs, the tests show that the commonly used 450 v / 470 uf 105 ℃ import average 2000 hours of electrolytic horn capacitance, the rated voltage of 1. 34 times voltages, 2 hours after the ox horn capacitance can appear leakage steaming, the top half way down. According to the statistics and analysis, and close to the power grid of the failure of communication switching power supply output PFC electrolytic horn capacitance, the damage is mainly due to the power grid surge and high pressure. Electrolytic horn capacitance voltage selection of general secondary derating, to a reasonable use of the rating of 80%. Horn electrolytic capacitor is usually in the power supply circuit or intermediate frequency, low frequency circuit of power supply filter, decoupling, signal coupling and time constant is set, the dc insulation etc. Generally cannot be used for the ac power circuit, the dc power supply circuit for the use of filter capacitance, the anode ( The anode) Should work with the positive at the connection of the power supply voltage, cathode connected to the power supply voltage of the cathode at, not against, otherwise it will damage capacitors.
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