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The performance characteristics of electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-12
Some characteristics of electrolytic capacitor structure, determine the performance in this kind of capacitor has in its own way, is briefly described as follows: 1, have extremely large capacitance per unit volume, the specific capacity is very high. When the lower working voltage, the characteristics of this aspect is more prominent, therefore is suitable for miniaturization, due to the work of the electrolytic capacitor voltage can be quite low, the capacity of the same capacitor, obviously low working voltage of specific capacity than the working voltage of the high specific capacity, compared to that is not enough precise, therefore also per unit volume of common product of capacitance and voltage value, namely micro method. V/cm 3, in this volume size refers to the size, shape is not only the anode sintering matrix or winding core. Such as liquid tantalum capacitor is 14000 uf. V/cm32, in the working process of the capacitor, with automatic repair or isolated from the performance of the defect in the oxide film of oxide film medium with reinforcement and restore its insulating ability, without being a continuous cumulative damage, this performance is called self-healing properties. 3, the working field strength is very high and associated with self-healing. As in the working voltage is 450 v of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, by calculating the thickness of oxide film is about 0. 78 microns, the working field strength of about 600 kv/mm; Similarly, low voltage products, also have similar working field, the field strength is about three times as many paper dielectric capacitor. Solid electrolyte 锃 electrolytic capacitor working field strength is slightly lower, but its value is also has the same order of magnitude. Because of working field strength of the electrolytic capacitor of any type capacitor is bigger, to ensure its miniaturization. 4, you can get a rated capacitor, electrolytic capacitor in low working voltage range, can very conveniently to obtain several hundred numerical capacitor micro method. Especially power filtering, by-pass of communication purposes such as there is no competition. Five, aluminum electrolytic capacitor price cheap, for all aspects of application, and on the performance is also very good, can be said to be a bargain. Tantalum capacitor price is higher, but has a high reliability, long storage life, suitable for the more strict application of occasions. 6, with unidirectional conductivity, the so-called polarity. Can supply when application is negative, if the wrong capacity not only play a role, and the leakage current is very big, inside short time core will be fever, destroy the oxide film, and failure. If need to apply in the ac power or strong dc electrical communication components, can use a called bipolar electrolytic capacitor, is to replace the cathode foil with and has the same anodic oxide film electrode, that is, in fact, two north of electrolytic capacitor series structure, not only the capacity is reduced by half, the volume also increases. Bipolar electrolytic capacitor is the changing structure of the capacitor, only has not changed the essence of unidirectional conductive oxide film, it brought some inconvenience to the user. 7, the upper limit of working voltage has certain. Even if the future has the potential to further improve the ceiling, the potential is limited, but the disadvantages for cooperate with transistors, or integrated circuit, it is not important. 8, insulation is poor. Insulation performance is to show that the size of the leakage current. Can say is the worst in all types of capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, such as high voltage large capacity of aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current can reach more than 1 ma and corresponding insulation resistance is less than 1 megohm; In this respect much more superior than aluminum electrolytic tantalum capacitor, the leakage current to microammeter. 9, loss tangent value is bigger, and temperature, frequency and characteristic also is bad, but the corresponding performance than aluminum electrolytic tantalum capacitor is preferred. 10, aluminum electrolytic capacitor capacity, aging performance reliability of the youth. This is closely related to the use of raw materials and process conditions. Although there is also a long life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, but in general, he also to have certain limits for handling and storage, especially after long-term storage need not, all of a sudden and maximum working voltage, the most easy to cause the failure of electrolytic capacitors and blasting. In this respect, tantalum capacitor just does not exist the problem. 11, due to some products using liquid electrolyte or internal volume is larger, in use process when metal shell sealing not perfect, could lead to leakage, affect the instrument inside, but this drawback can completely from the strengthening process and seal measures to deal with.
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