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The physical characteristics and improvement ideas of metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-27
Metalized film capacitors are capacitors made of organic plastic film as the medium, metalized film as the electrode, and made by winding (except for the laminated structure). The films used in the metalized film capacitors include polyethylene and poly Acrylic, polycarbonate, etc., in addition to the winding type, there are also laminated types. Among them, polyester film media and polypropylene film media are the most widely used. Metallized film capacitors are vapor-deposited a metal film on the surface of the polyester film instead of metal foil as the electrode. Because the thickness of the metalized film layer is much smaller than that of the metal foil, the volume after winding is also larger than that of the metal foil capacitor. It's much smaller. The biggest advantage of metallized film capacitors is the 'self-healing' feature. The so-called self-healing characteristic is: if the thin film medium has a defect at a certain point and a breakdown short-circuit occurs under the action of overvoltage, the metallization layer of the breakdown point can instantly melt and evaporate under the action of the arc to form a small metal-free Zone, the two pole pieces of the capacitor are insulated from each other again and can still continue to work, thus greatly improving the reliability of the capacitor's work. From a theoretical analysis, there should be no short-circuit failure mode for metalized film capacitors, while metal foil capacitors will have many short-circuit failures. Although metallized film capacitors have the above-mentioned huge advantages, compared with metal foil capacitors, they also have the following two disadvantages: First, the capacity stability is not as good as foil capacitors. This is because metallized capacitors are prone to loss of capacity under long-term working conditions. And after self-healing, the capacity can be reduced. Therefore, if it is used in an oscillator circuit that requires a high degree of capacity stability, it is better to choose a metal foil capacitor. Second, the ability to withstand large currents is poor. This is because the metalized film layer is much thinner than metal foil, and the ability to carry large currents is weak. In order to improve the shortcomings of metallized film capacitors, there are currently improved high-current metallized film capacitor products in the manufacturing process. The main ways to improve are 1. Use double-sided metallized films as electrodes; 2. Increase metallized coatings Thickness; 3. Improved welding process of end face metal to reduce contact resistance.
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