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The polarity of the electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-18
Insulating layer of alumina in aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the dielectric on the surface of the aluminum plate, and it is the layer, which allows in a small thin volume of the relatively high capacitance. The dielectric constant of the oxide is 10, which is several times higher than one of the most common polymer insulators. It can withstand the electric field of per meter, this is the common acceptable fraction of polymer 25 million v level of intensity. In high energy density of the result of the high capacity and high voltage combination. Electrolytic capacitors are polarized light and the need of a positive electrode relative to another. If the voltage is on the contrary, they may suddenly failure. This is because a reverse bias voltage is higher than 1 to 1. 5 v will be sent to you by electrochemical reduction destruction of dielectric material layer ( See REDOX reaction) 。 Below the wastage of the dielectric material, capacitors will short circuit, and when we have enough of the short circuit current electrolyte quickly heating up, or leak or cause capacitor break, often in a compelling drama. To minimize the possibility of polarization electrolytic incorrect inserted into a circuit, polarity, have to be very clear. In the radial electrolytic capacitor in capacitor side rod is usually used to represent the negative end of the side than the positive terminal and negative terminal lead wire is short. In printed circuit board, used to fill half a circle to represent negative pins and + indicates additional side, lead to indicate in the right direction. On both ends of the axial electrolytic capacitor side rod of the same direction design points to the negative terminal is often used to represent the cathode lead terminal pins and described capacitors are usually has a narrow lead end part is close to the edge. Also, negative terminals shorter than positive terminal wire lead. Square hole in printed circuit board, used to welding plate to the positive lead and a circular pad is negative, to indicate the right direction. Is designed for AC operation special bipolar capacitor available, often referred to as & other; The polarized light & throughout; Or & other NP” The type of. In the full thickness of oxide layer formed on the two aluminum foil strip before assembly. In AC cycle of alternate half, one of the foil as an isolation diodes, prevent damage of reverse current of another kind of electrolyte. Modern capacitor with relief valve which is usually in tank parts or specially designed side sealing out hot gas/liquid, but still burst can be dramatic.
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