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The price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has risen across the board_The reason behind it turned out to be!

by:Shenmao     2021-03-19
In October 2020, the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has increased slightly. By now, in December, the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has doubled, and the unit price is still one per day, and the unit price is still rising. Now it has led to confusion in the price and delivery date in the market. Manufacturers have turned to trade-type companies that previously stocked small counters to get their goods. The prices are also expensive and the quality is not guaranteed. They are all stocks that have been stored for a long time. What's even more jaw-dropping is that it won't be bought later, and it will be bought by other manufacturers. In the past few years, the unit price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors was not high, and because of market competition, the unit price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has been sold and it is lower than the cost price. I did not expect it to take a few years. Here, the unit price has soared extremely fast, and there is still no market. What is the reason for this to happen? It turns out that during the epidemic at the beginning of the year, some people were speculating on the price of aluminum in the futures market. By December this year, the price was confirmed to be copied. At this time, capacitor companies meant to spend more money to buy aluminum from material vendors, but Material vendors also adjust the price of aluminum according to the market. If you buy aluminum that is several times more expensive than usual, the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors will naturally rise, but it can still maintain a normal production link, but now on the market, However, some people began to stock up aluminum materials, which led to the need to queue up to wait for the delivery date to buy aluminum, and the delivery date is likely to be after the year. December is the peak production season for various industries. In addition, due to the national epidemic, many foreign production orders have also flowed into the country for production. The demand for electronic components that need to be purchased for production is large, but domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitors cannot be supplied. Goods, at this time, the production companies may be anxious. Basically, all the aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the market are wiped out. Because the aluminum storage incident involves foreign countries, there is no way to carry out a reasonable regulation and control. I can only hope that all the aluminum electrolytic capacitors are needed. The market will begin to return to normal when the demand for the aluminum industry declines. Otherwise, the high price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors will continue, which may speed up the elimination of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in many industries, and start to develop and use other types of capacitors. After all, alternative solutions There are many, mainly depending on how engineers design.
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