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The production of mask machines urgently needs capacitors_Find|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-19
With the impact of this year's epidemic, it is difficult to resume work in various places, and some individuals are calling for requests. The production line is converted into a production mask machine. The production equipment needs to use new capacitor models. At present, the capacitor manufacturers that have officially put into production on the market are very Shenmao Capacitor is one of the few capacitor factories that have resumed work in it. When it was announced that it would resume work, it received a lot of new orders one after another, and they were relatively urgent capacitor orders. Without exception, they were all for the production of mask machines. A capacitor is needed. Ms. Qin of the Shenmao Capacitor Factory has been resuming work in the past few days. Many new and old customers have found her through chat tools and placed orders for capacitors. After understanding, they learned that these customers were not making mask machines. In the field, it was only because of the epidemic that they had to adjust their own production equipment, so I found a lot of capacitor manufacturers to request goods, and because they did not resume work, the delivery time was extended. Seeing that Shenmao Capacitors resumed work, they all passed the transfer. In the form of introduction, many customers have found Shenmao, and with Shenmao Capacitor's 24.9 years of industry reputation experience, they are all convinced of the quality of capacitors. For the capacitor order required for the mass production of mask machines, Shenmao Capacitor also attaches great importance to it. Under the circumstance of ensuring personnel safety, vigorously put into production to speed up the progress of production. With the effective control of the epidemic, I believe it will end soon, and then it will inevitably enter a peak production season. At this time, companies should first prepare the accessories needed for production. Once work is officially resumed and the peak season, they can be put into production immediately. For example, capacitor manufacturers can find Shenmao Capacitors. You can arrange the order according to your requirements and proceed as scheduled. If you are a manufacturer of mask machines and urgently need capacitors, you can contact Shenmao Online Customer Service at the bottom right corner of this article. ,Solve your needs at any time
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