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The recovery voltage of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-01
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is check the discharge after shipment, once the generation between terminal voltage after discharge. The voltage is called recovery voltage or residual voltage. After the Inca on capacitance voltage according to the polarization effect of conductive body + - the surface of the conductive belt The electricity. Short circuit between terminals of the following words on the surface of the belt between loss of charge, free charge discharge terminal, conductive body part of residual dipole polarization again appear between the terminal voltage. This is the recovery voltage. Because of the recovery voltage related to the thickness of the conductive, rated voltage, the higher will be high. After the occurrence of recovery voltage terminal connection circuit produced sparks to the operators when frightened, will destroy the other low voltage driving element. Have this kind of dangerous situation, before use, please send 100 & Omega; ~ 1 kω About the resistance of the resistor contact capacitance between terminals to make the remaining charge discharge before use. Still have relatively high capacity under high pressure, capacitor, because consider using aluminum foil, conductive rubber packing method will become a short circuit between terminals state please discuss with us. “ Recovery voltage & throughout; Is a term of high voltage technology. General sense refers to the arc is to free out, dielectric recovery process. When the recovery voltage is greater than the actual overvoltage, arc will not be renewed. 1, the voltage ( voltage) , also known as electric potential difference or potential difference, it is to measure unit charge in electrostatic field due to the potential energy difference generated by the different quantities. Its size is equal to the charge due to electric field force moves from point A to point B the work done, the direction of the voltage regulation for direction from high potential to low potential. 2, the voltage of the international system of units for v ( V, V) And commonly used unit of millivolts ( mV) , microvolt ( μ V) , kv ( kV) And so on. The concept and the water level caused by & other Hydraulic & throughout; Similar. It should be pointed out that, & other; Voltage & throughout; The term is used only for circuit, & other; Electric potential difference & throughout; And & other Potential difference & throughout; Is widely used in all electrical phenomena.
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