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The role of car horn capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-29
The car horn capacitor is a more general term. The position of the horn on a car is the car's whistle horn and the car audio amplifier horn. Therefore, the specifications and performance of the capacitors used are different from each other. Generally, when the car leaves the factory, it is in accordance with The most standard installation of horn capacitors, individual buyers, especially those who are particularly sensitive to sound quality, will choose to modify their own car horns, so there will be a demand for car horn capacitors, so different car horn capacitors have these differences How to choose? 1. High-frequency vibration damping capacitors, such capacitors as electrolytic capacitors and metallized film capacitors are more common. Their core function is to make their car horn amplifiers more stable at high pitches, such as when playing a piece of music. Sometimes when it comes to the most exciting part of the song, the power amplifier will make some sizzling currents, or the situation of sassasa, and there is nothing wrong with the highlight part of the song. At this time, you need to install a high-frequency damping capacitor. Just improve this situation. 2. Filtering capacitors Filtering capacitors are the favorite of everyone who modifies car horns, because there is no upper limit for the purchase of this capacitor, and different filter capacitors will bring different sound quality enjoyment, but there is controversy in this regard. , Some people who are not sensitive to sound quality can't hear any changes, and some people who are sensitive to sound quality can hear a lot of changes, just like a few dollars of headphones can also play, hundreds of dollars of headphones can also play, enjoy the experience of each Different, common filter capacitors can bring sweet treble, mid-range, and thick bass to car horn capacitors. 3. Energy storage capacitors This type of capacitor is also a highlight in the modification of car horn capacitors. This type of capacitor has a relatively large body and can only be installed in the trunk of the car and then installed on the car horn through line modification. It is also considered relatively advanced. At a stage of the installation of this kind of capacitors, it is to compensate for the lack of power supply of the car horn, which leads to intermittent song playback, and also to improve the reason why the headlights of the car do not emit light, and one of the core functions is the volume of the car horn. It can be bigger, because when installing this type of capacitor, the car horn amplifier must be modified by the way, otherwise the new car horn capacitor will not have a better effect. How loud can the sound be raised, and the car will be closed. When driving, turn the volume to the maximum, and pedestrians on the street can hear what song you are playing. 4. Coupling capacitors Coupling capacitors are the most indispensable protagonists in the car horn transformation. The core function is to pass the current. Integrate and transmit to the past to achieve a normal power supply process. If used on a car horn, if the right coupling capacitor is not selected, even if it is changed and perfected, the current passing is not perfect, it will lead to the best overall sound quality effect. Particularly poor.
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