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The role of ceramics capacitors - The differences of electrolytic capacitor with ceramics capacitors - News and information

by:Shenmao     2020-12-22
Speaking of capacitance, as most people may feel strange, actually capacitance in our life plays a very important role, small make up to share with you today is about ceramics capacitors, what is the function of ceramics capacitors? The role of ceramics capacitors - What is ceramics capacitors ceramics capacitors ( 陶瓷电容器) Is a kind of ceramic materials used as dielectric, the ceramic surface coated with a layer of metal film, then through high heat sintering as electrodes of capacitor. Is typically used for high and stable in the oscillation circuit, as a loop, bypass capacitors and padding capacitor. Classification of ceramics capacitors is divided into high frequency porcelain medium and low frequency dielectric. Has a small positive temperature coefficient of capacitance of the capacitor, used in high stable oscillator circuit, as circuit capacitors and padding capacitor. Low-frequency ceramic capacitor is limited to the working frequency low loop for bypass or separated dc, or stability and loss of <>, including high frequency is not high. This kind of capacitor is unfavorable use in pulse circuit, because they are easy to be pulse voltage breakdown. According to the ceramic dielectric capacitor dielectric and points: 1. Dielectric ( NP0 C0G) ; 2. Dielectric ( X7R 2 x1) ; 3. Dielectric ( Y5V,2F4) Ceramic capacitor EIA RS - 198. 1. 2 capacity loss frequency with high temperature stability. Special series structure is suitable for high voltage 3 long-term working reliability. Climb high current rate and is suitable for high current circuits non-inductive structure ceramics MLCC capacitor action ( 1) — Miniaturization, high frequency, low loss, low ESR, high stability, high pressure, high insulation, high reliability, no polarity, low value, low cost, high temperature resistance. Mainly used in high frequency circuits. MLCC( 2 class) — In the miniaturization, high volume, high pressure, no polarity, high reliability, high temperature resistant, low ESR and low cost. Mainly used in the low frequency circuits for straight, coupling, bypass and filter capacitor is used. The role of ceramics capacitors - Electrolytic capacitor with ceramics differences between electrolytic capacitor large capacity, polarity, equivalent series inductance; Ceramics capacitance is small, nonpolar, equivalent series inductance is small. Sea, electrolytic capacitor of low to low frequency circuit; Ceramics capacitor frequency characteristic is good, more used in high frequency circuit. Electrolytic capacitor can filter out low frequency wave, so it can be used as a low pass filter; Ceramics capacitors can filter out high frequency ripple, so it can be used as a high-pass filter. Electrolytic capacitors cannot be used for pure ac power circuit; Ceramics capacitors can be used for pure ac circuit. Ceramics capacitor that is the role of knowledge about ShenMao introduction of ceramics capacitors, everyone have higher knowledge after watching? Actually the role of ceramics capacitors is very big, you may wish to know more about, but also to use at ordinary times, hope small make up the Suggestions can help to you!
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