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The role of electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-12-10
Electrolyte is one of the most traditional electrolyte, electrolyte consists of GAMMA butyrolactone organic solvent with weak acid salt capacitance mass after heating. Ordinary sense of the cathode electrolytic capacitor, is the electrolyte. Using cathode electrolyte has many advantages: the first is that the liquid solution with the contact of the medium, the area is larger, so helpful to improve electric capacity; Second is to use high temperature resistant ability is good, electrolyte can be used in SMT process, at the same time pressure resistance is strong; In addition, the use of electrolytic cathode electrolytic capacitor, when the medium is breakdown, as long as breakdown current don't continue, then the capacitance can self-healing ( Metal oxide can automatically generate) 。 Electrolyte capacitor also has its disadvantages: first is volatile, leakage in high temperature environment, a great influence on life and stability, electrolyte and possibly instant vaporization under high temperature and high pressure, the volume increase caused explosion; Followed by the electrolyte ion conductive method adopted by the its conductivity is very low, only 0. 01S/CM( The reciprocal of electrical conductivity and ohmic) , which leads to the ESR value of capacitance ( The equivalent series resistance and impedance) Particularly high. Anode for aluminum, cathode for electrolytic capacitor, its formal name is aluminum electrolytic capacitor, because there is liquid, so called & other; Liquid & throughout; Capacitance. ShenMao, professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, horn type electrolytic capacitor, bolt type seven days delivery such as electrolytic capacitors, eight years warranty! Contact: Mr. Liu, telephone: 15951304811, QQ: 2120337
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