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The role of water in the electrolyte

by:Shenmao     2020-12-06
Advantages: water is a good solvent, can knock off H + and O2 - , can lower the resistivity of the electrolyte. Disadvantages: 1) To lower the boiling point of the electrolyte, so, when high temperature vapor pressure big, used in high temperature environment, sealing difficulties. 2) Under high temperature, water and aluminum and alumina membrane generated hydroxyl, increase the thickness of the surface of the aluminum foil ( ∴ C =ε S / d) , and it destroyed the oxide film leads to the deterioration of the insulation performance of Al2O3, capacitor ILC↑ tgδ ↓ 。 Because: the water constantly produce HZ↑ , causing internal pressure rise, explosion hazard, especially the high temperature storage, 3) Water, electrolyte resistivity & darr; , at the same time, freezing point of the solvent & darr; , can improve the low temperature properties of the product, but cannot be used at high temperature. ( It makes the electrolyte activation, in addition to the hydration reaction and the electrode, also because of the existence of impurities are prone to corrosion chemicals) 。 4) Aqueous electrolyte, the flash fire voltage is reduced, cannot be used for high pressure liquid electrolyte.
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