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The selection of the capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-28
Capacitor in the circuit components selection should consider the following factors ( 1) Choice when choosing capacitor voltage, pressure of components must be higher than the actual circuit of the working voltage, especially it is worth noting that the electronic circuit should consider the possible high pressure. ( 2) Select capacitance in electronic circuits, electric capacity is set according to certain performance indicators, in determining the capacity to choose according to nominal series. If by nominal series to find the capacity of the capacitor value, can be solved by the method of series parallel or solved by modifying the design of other parameters. When changing the capacitor in the circuit had better choose the original parameters of the capacitor or performance index is better than that of the original circuit of capacitor element. ( 3) Dielectric capacitor medium you choose, the characteristic difference is bigger, use is not entirely the same. When choosing capacitance of medium, to understand the characteristics of each medium in the first, and then determine which occasions to apply. Below respectively introduces kinds of commonly used the use of the fixed capacitor. 1, the electrolytic capacitor is aluminium metal anode, a layer of oxide film formed on the surface as medium, medium and electrode become inseparable whole; The cathode is solid or not solid electrolyte. Due to two different electrode material used in electrolytic capacitor, so its marked positive and negative electrodes, respectively, when using must is extreme high potential of the circuit, negative extreme low potential of the circuit, otherwise it will cause the damage of the capacitor. According to the different electrode materials with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitor and columbium electrolytic capacitor. 2, mica capacitor dielectric capacitor at mica sheet, its insulation performance is good, low dissipation, good temperature stability and high precision capacitance, commonly used in high frequency oscillation circuit. 3, ceramic dielectric medium is ceramics, according to different ceramic components can be divided into high frequency porcelain capacitor and low-frequency ceramic dielectric capacitors two ( The expressed in CC in high frequency, low frequency with CT) , high-frequency porcelain capacitor capacity between the tenths of the skin to hundreds of skin method. Commonly used in occasions that require small loss, stable capacitance, and in the high frequency circuit tuning capacitor, tank capacity and temperature compensation capacitance. Capacitor voltage 160 v, 250 v and 500 v, etc. Capacity of the error is divided into & plusmn; 2%,± 5%,± 10% and & plusmn; Several kinds of 20%. Pf low-frequency ceramic capacitor capacity from 300 to 22000 between pf, suitable for low frequency circuits. 4, paper capacitor production process is simple, low cost, wide voltage range, the disadvantage is that the electric capacity is not easy to control, the loss is bigger, poor stability, inductance is the largest, is usually not suitable to use under high frequency. 5 also called polyester capacitor, polyester capacitor. It is a polyester thin film dielectric capacitor. It can be used for a variety of electronic instruments and meters, TV, radio cassette recorder of coupling and decoupling, bypass, separated dc circuits. 6, polystyrene capacitor are made from polystyrene film as a medium of the condenser. The biggest characteristic of polystyrene capacitor is high insulation resistance. This kind of capacitor small loss at high frequency, stable capacitance, is a kind of capacitor, the current widely used because of its high precision, in the filter and capacity requirements of precise circuit ( Such as keyboard circuit) Adopt more, its disadvantage is that the working temperature range is not wide, up to 10, 75 ℃, thus the welding when the iron contact time shoulds not be too long, in order to avoid damage to the film due to overheating.
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