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The skin of the metallized film capacitor off can also be used?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-15
Metallized film capacitor is a common electronic components in the circuit board, three basic factors influencing the service life of it is 1. The voltage is too high. 2. Using the temperature. 3. High frequency, large loss, fever breakdown. From visual appearance if have obvious cracks would certainly can't use, if just happens capacitance bulge, can use the capacitance meter test, if the standard can continue to use, not standard can't use. Metallized film capacitor has a capacity of no other capacitor is good, the stability of the main reason is because of metalized film capacitor in the process of long-term use, can be lost by the working environment of transformation, even after the self-healing materials capacity will become very small. So it USES the environment temperature is very important, in use process is very high to the requirement of the stability of the power. Choose a capacitance of metal foil style can better meet the demand, in the process of using metal film capacitor is easy to appear weak current, mainly because in the process of work actually, metallized film capacitor coating thin leading to carry current ability is weak, so how to solve this problem? Duality of metallized film capacitor electrode is can achieve ideal use demand, increase the capacitance of the thickness of the metal coating can well make up for the unstable situation, the capacity of electricity in the use process, and easy to appear the phenomenon of current ability is poor. The film capacitor has many advantages, but there are still many limitations, so it is important to note that it is in use process of some phenomenon, make adjustments in a timely manner. But if the capacitance of the surface coating fall off, all this can't continue to use, because when the air between the coating is outside moisture intrusion, air breakdown voltage decreases, the air ionization upward, produce a large amount of ozone, metal coating, metal oxide film capacitor capacity will also decline rapidly, so that the circuit board failure. So you purchase film capacitor, you have to choose a regular metal film capacitors manufacturer, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. , the film capacitor, quality guaranteed.
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