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The strong wind model electrolytic capacitor bucked up all show industry

by:Shenmao     2020-12-11
Fully sealed assembled type shunt capacitors primary body composed of electrolytic capacitor unit, corrugated tank, insulation cooling oil, wire casing, handle insulator, pressure release valve and temperature control device and other parts. Foreword more and more countries in the world are familiar with that a society should be a capable of sustained growth can be satisfied the needs of the society, and not endanger the children's future society. Solid tantalum solid tantalum is in 9696 by the United States in baylor lab first by the United States first developed it function well baylor lab is successfully developed in all its excellent function is small in size and in all can reach the capacitance of the eve of the product price is relatively small in size and can achieve the expensive than capacitance of the eve of the product price is more expensive. The oxidation of working electrolyte with high efficiency, constant of the physical and chemical properties, the resistivity of small, high voltage flash fire, etc. , and ph value is close to neutral, no erosion of aluminum foil and sealing material. Electrolytic capacitor unit USES the fuse to caress, can in the millisecond time real-time fault element, make the whole sets of electrolytic capacitor can continue to run normally, improved the product operation reliable sex. 。 When x w above 3 s. Child pin pitch size. Positive and negative. If to no bucket strength deep understanding, it is no good choice, the design and manufacture of electronic circuits, electrical assembly will appear this or that problem or malfunction. Wind turbines bottleneck is the life of a converter and inverter board, is to improve the wind generating set good, the first thing to improve the life of the converter, because the converter for bucket strength high quality requirements, market eve, according to a part by foreign enterprises. By gathering type parallel electrolytic capacitor and high pressure vacuum or sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, serial reactor, zinc oxide lightning arrester and discharging coil equipment of high voltage parallel capacitors complete assembly, the assembly has simple structure, small volume, capacity, eve, covers an area of the interests of the province, convenient installation, product is all outdoor type, and amplitude of the eve of the save the costs for infrastructure, has good economic and social benefits. Persistent placed when add the eve of the leakage. Saturated vapor pressure is small, ability to repair the oxide film, concave and convex good temperature characteristics, and through a process of long time life, the esr value constant, low and high temperature test is to ensure its good sex ( 500 wv550wv, 85 ℃, 105 ℃, 5000 h Japan the function of the same product. However, there are a lot problems in practical application are show on the selection and installation of at the moment. Electrolytic capacitor inside each series group, the difference between the capacitance between serial section not eve to. , three-phase unit between any two wiring terminals of the eve of the capacitance and the ratio of the minimum capacitance does not cross. The working voltage of the flash fire voltage: c, product bump on the flash fire voltage of electrolyte, aluminum electrolytic voltage, the higher requirement increased the flash fire voltage response of electrolyte, electrolyte functional group match situation, is a direct impact on product PPM c25c35 electrolyte the launch of the application will make electrolyte pushing the flash fire voltage to 800 v, is enough to content the most advance the needs of the predecessors.
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