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The structure of axial film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-12
The so-called capacitor is a container of electric charge, which has the function of charging and discharging. Everyone knows this. However, the structure of the capacitor in actual use is different from the book, and the principle is the same, but it is much more complicated. For example, axial film capacitors, today we will talk about the structure of axial film capacitors. As we said earlier, the dielectrics used in the axial film capacitors used today are polyester film and polypropylene film. The metalized plastic film is wound according to a certain pattern and rules (as shown in the figure below). This is the axis To the main part of the film capacitor. (Note: Electrodes electrode, Dielectric dielectric, Metallization metallized film). The lead of the axial film capacitor is made of tin-plated copper-clad steel wire, and the outer layer of the capacitor is wrapped with polyester tape, and then epoxy resin is poured on both ends. See the figure below for the finished axial film capacitor. Axial film capacitors are of non-inductive structure and have a strong ability to withstand pulse currents. All axial film capacitors are non-polar and use metalized films as electrodes and dielectrics. Therefore, axial film capacitors are small in size and light in weight, and have excellent self-healing capabilities. For more details, please call the toll-free hotline: 4006299138. Axial film capacitors have the above characteristics and are suitable for filtering, noise reduction, high frequency and other circuits due to their different dielectric materials.
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