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The structure of metal film capacitor manufacturers to produce metal film capacitors | Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-31
The ancestor of metal film capacitors produced by metal film capacitor manufacturers on the market is paper capacitors. Direct capacitors have been invented in 1876 to the present. It has been nearly 150 years and has spread because of different natural environments, different technological environments, and economical The environment is different, and there are many differences in the production process of metal film capacitors, which also promote the continuous improvement of metal film capacitors as a whole. Today we talk about the structure of metal film capacitors produced by metal film capacitor manufacturers. The structure of capacitors produced by metal film capacitor manufacturers is the same in principle, but there are differences in specific production processes. But let me talk about the similarities first, and then talk about the differences. The picture below shows a metal film capacitor. From the appearance, it appears that the metal film capacitor is composed of a main body and a lead. The main body is generally vermilion, but the color can be customized. There are many kinds of materials for the lead part, and different manufacturers have different standards. Let's talk about the structure of the main part. Those who have inspected or worked with demetal film capacitor manufacturers know that a metal film capacitor is wound or laminated by a thin film as a medium and a metal layer vapor-deposited on the surface of the film as an electrode.
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