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The structure of the electrolytic capacitor and the general technological process

by:Shenmao     2020-12-12
Corrosion of anode and cathode foil Etching is made of high purity, thin only 0. 02 - 0. 1 mm made of aluminum foil, in order to increase the plate area and electric capacity, the increase of surface area is in contact with the electrolyte by etching the metal aluminum foil to dissolve, make the entire surface of the aluminum foil to form a dense mesh with the billions of fine small pipe structure. The capacitor dielectric into Forming anode foil. The dielectric is a very thin layer of aluminum oxide, AL2O3, and it's a chemical growth process in the anode foil, this process is called & other; Into & throughout; 。 This is the last 135% of the rated voltage capacitor voltage - 200%. Cathode foil not into, it maintained a high surface area and high density of etching pattern. Oxide film of resistance to voltage and electrolyte flash discharge can cause a short-circuit. Winding Winding capacitance component Winding is a layer of isolation of paper, a layer of anode foil, another layer of isolation and the cathode foil paper. Contact between the isolation to prevent the foil paper form a short circuit, the spacer later keep electrolyte. For later in the process of winding aluminum foil core or connection capacitor terminals with foil. The best way is through the cold welding, welding on the foil, cold welding can reduce short circuit failure, have better performance and high ripple current discharge performance. Lead to transverse incision, and terminal riveting chaff and electrode foil section incision will have burrs, resulting in relatively short circuit between electrodes. Electrolytic capacitor heater of expansion and relief valve open when the pressure shock, core covering deformation, lead to short circuit between electrodes. The seal Sealing capacitance component was sealed in a jar. In order to release hydrogen, sealing ring is not sealed, it is often pressure seal is rolled into a jar of edge rubber gasket, rubber at the end of a bolt or rolled into the press into phenolic rubber sheet. Too tight seal will lead to pressure increases, too loose seal will because of the loss of electrolyte can allow to shorten life. ShenMao, professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, horn type electrolytic capacitor, bolt type seven days delivery such as electrolytic capacitors, eight years warranty! Contact: Mr. Liu, telephone: 15951304811, QQ: 2120337
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