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The three purposes of capacitor to 80% don't understand?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-28

the three purposes of capacitor, 80% don't understand? For an outsider, it is difficult to understand its purpose, specific ShenMao understand the capacitor manufacturer. 1. Capacitor is used to store electricity in order to release at a high speed. Flash is used by this function. Also use this technique to obtain very large laser instantaneous flashes bright effect. 2. Capacitor can also eliminate the pulse. If the conduction of dc voltage lines contain pulse or spikes, high-capacity capacitor can through the absorption peaks and fill the troughs to make voltage becomes smooth. 3. Can cut off the dc capacitor. If a smaller capacitor connected to a battery, in capacitor charging is completed, Instant capacitor capacity is small, can complete the charging process) Between the poles, the battery will no longer have an electric current passes through. However, any alternating current ( 交流) Signals can be freely through the condenser. The reason for this is that as the alternating current fluctuation, capacitor charging and discharging unceasingly, as if ac current to flow in.
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