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The use of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-07
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the bipolar structure, when installation should pay attention to the polarity, shall not be installed backwards, alternating current (ac) or the application of the reverse voltage capacitor may cause short circuit or damaged. Load to the dc voltage capacitor terminals shall not exceed the rated working voltage, otherwise will lead to leakage current increase rapidly, and thus damage the capacitor, and even lead to short circuit and fire, to prolong the service life of product, suggested in a 70 - 80% of the rated voltage to use capacitor. Load to the ripple current of capacitor must be within the scope of the permit, such as overload, overheating will cause capacitor and performance is impaired, damaged or even lead to fire to the machine, please note that the sum of the ripple voltage and dc voltage peak shall not exceed the rated dc voltage. Capacitor must be used in the range of allowable working temperature, room temperature can prolong the service life of the working conditions. Shell diameter greater than or equal to 8 mm capacitor are equipped with a safety valve. In the welded chip capacitor, safety valve is usually located at the base of the shell, screw capacitance usually located in the derivation of the condenser end face ( On the cover) 。 Need to keep enough space around the valve, in order to maintain the best working state, the recommended size has the following kinds: d = 18 to 35 mm, retain more than 3 mm space: d = 40 mm or above, keep 5 mm space. When capacitance internal pressure is too high, the gas will be released through the relief valve, lead to a gas liquid around the relief valve, the liquid is not electrolyte leakage. Installing a capacitor in the circuit board, pay attention to the safety valve don't face down, do not go any metal or circuit near the relief valve. But side mounting screw aluminum electrolytic capacitor, want to make sure that the cathode in the lower part of the anode, don't reverse voltage. Otherwise it may cause pressure, electrolyte leakage and is likely to cause a short circuit or even fire. Capacitors should be at room temperature and acidity, the store in the normal humidity of alkaline environment. Such as exposure to high temperature, such as under direct sunlight, will reduce its service life. Such as deposit in acidic or alkaline environment, will affect the weldability of lead. After long-term storage, aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current may increase, therefore, before use, must be 6 - The rated working voltage of into 8 hours. Manual welding: A must be carried out under specified conditions, temperature of 350 degrees hot irons used time for 3 seconds. B to ensure that the soldering iron does not touch any part of the capacitor body. Do not in containing hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, sulfurous acid, chlorine, such as gas, ammonia and other harmful gas environment use or place. If the gas invasion into capacitor can cause the damage of the capacitance. Do not use or place in the ozone, ultraviolet ray and radiation, do not use at the place of excessive vibration or shock, such as capacitor free fall, will immediately lead to problems such as leakage increase.
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