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The use of metal film capacitors in smart grids | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-29
The metal film capacitor is connected to the DC bus, the feeder containing important loads or the AC bus of the microgrid. Among them, the first two can be called distributed energy storage, and the last one is called central energy storage. When connected to the grid, the fluctuation of load or the fluctuation of the micro power supply during the operation of the metal film can be balanced by central energy storage or distributed energy storage. There are two ways to balance the power fluctuation of the power supply. Distributed energy storage and the micro power supply requiring energy storage are connected in parallel to a certain feeder, or the energy storage is directly connected to the DC bus of the micro power supply. When the metal film capacitor detects a grid fault or power quality does not meet the requirements, it will be disconnected from the grid in time to operate independently, which is called the isolated grid operation mode. Metal film capacitors often need to absorb part of the active power from the conventional distribution network. Therefore, when switching from grid-connected mode to isolated grid mode, there will be power shortages. The installation of energy storage equipment will help the smooth transition of the two modes. Provide short-term power. Metal film capacitors are small in scale and have low system inertia. Frequent fluctuations in the network and load appear to be very serious. Metal film capacitors can store the excess power of the power supply when the load is low, and feedback to adjust the power demand when the load is peak. As an equipment for energy buffering. When the energy generation process is stable and the demand is constantly changing, energy storage devices are also needed. By storing the excess energy in the energy storage device, the energy storage device can provide the required peak energy in a short time.
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