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The working principle of metal film capacitors in alternating current | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-30
In the middle school stage, there is a saying, it is called passing AC and blocking DC, which is the nature of capacitors. In the DC circuit, the metal film capacitor is equivalent to an open circuit. This has to start from the structure of the metal film capacitor. The simplest capacitor is composed of plates at both ends and an insulating dielectric in the middle. After energization, the plates are charged to form a voltage (potential difference), but because the middle is an insulating material, it is not conductive. However, this situation is under the premise that the critical voltage (breakdown voltage) of the capacitor is not exceeded. We know that any substance is relatively insulating. When the voltage across the substance increases to a certain level, the substance can conduct electricity. We call this voltage breakdown voltage. The capacitor is no exception. After the capacitor is broken down, it is not an insulator. However, in the middle school stage, such a voltage is not visible in the circuit, so all work below the breakdown voltage and can be seen as an insulator. For more information about metal film capacitors, please call toll free: 4006299138. However, in an AC circuit, because the direction of the current changes with time as a certain function. The process of charging and discharging a metal film capacitor takes time. At this time, a changing electric field is formed between the plates, and this electric field is also a function of time. In fact, the current is passed between the metal film capacitors in the form of a passing field.
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