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The working principle of the capacitance is what?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-28

single-phase asynchronous motor start capacitor is used to start the ac electrolytic capacitor or polypropylene, polyester capacitor, the working principle of the capacitance is what? Single phase motors through the single phase current does not produce a rotating magnetic field, need to take the capacitor is used to split phase, the purpose is to make the two in the winding current to produce nearly 90 ゜ phase difference, in order to produce a rotating magnetic field. Two winding capacitance induction motor, the startup winding and winding operation. Two windings by 90 degrees on the space. String on the startup winding capacity of a large capacitor, when running and start the windings by single phase alternating current (ac), because of capacitor in the startup winding current on time than the running winding current advance Angle of 90 degrees, to reach the maximum value. In time and space form two of the same pulse magnetic field, in the air gap between the stator and the rotor creates a rotating magnetic field, under the effect of rotating magnetic field, the induced current in the motor rotor, current and rotating magnetic field interact to produce electromagnetic torque, motor rotation. To make single-phase electric function automatically spin, we can add a starter in the stator winding, starting with the main windings in space by 90 degrees, starting winding to concatenate a suitable capacitance, makes differ with approximation in the phase of the primary winding current 90 degrees, the so-called split-phase principle. These two on the time difference between 90 degrees of electricity flow into the two differ 90 degrees of winding on the space, will be produced in the space ( Two phase) A rotating magnetic field. Under the effect of the rotating magnetic field, the rotor can be automatic starting, after starting, to speed up certain, with the aid of an installed on the rotor of the centrifugal switch or other automatic control device will start winding disconnect, the only main winding work in normal working conditions. Therefore, starting winding can make short work. But there are a lot of time, starting winding is not broken, we call this kind of motor capacitor, single-phase motor to change this kind of motor, can be achieved by changing the position of the capacitor is concatenated.
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