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The working principle of the electrolytic capacitor a myth

by:Shenmao     2020-12-15
ShenMao small make up have found that many people do not have a correct understanding the working principle of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. We know that the capacitor is made up of two conductive plates sandwiching a dielectric. Friends know than aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made up of two pieces of aluminum foil with a dip the electrolyte layer of paper winding. Many people mistakenly think that is the paper in the middle of the capacitance of the dielectric. In fact is not, this layer of paper is actually the capacitance of a plate, it is conductive. Dielectric insulation of the function of real is a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum foil. Due to the aluminum oxide layer thickness is very thin, and soaked in the conductive liquid paper as electrode, let the distance between the two plates capacitance is small ( Made of liquid electrode can flow to any corner) ; And the aluminum foil surface is very rough, after special processing surface area can be very big. We know that the capacity of the capacitor with plate is opposite is directly proportional to the area, with the distance between the plates is inversely proportional to, so this kind of structure of aluminum electrolytic capacitor makes its unit capacity can be very high. Because the aluminum - Alumina has certain unidirectional conductivity, so aluminum electrolytic capacitors are polar, can form when the reverse leakage current, the leakage current will make large capacitance fever, when the temperature reached a certain degree, the electrolyte will generate a lot of gas, boiling and lead to aluminum electrolytic capacitor explosion, which was known as & other; Shooting & throughout; 。 In order to reduce the power of the explosion, the general aluminum electrolytic capacitor is processing a release channel, such as open at the top X font, font or Y K type weak area, allow gas to discharge in a timely manner, and also some in rubber seal at the bottom of the fortress of the weak areas. When after the bursting of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic liquid will flow out or evaporation, until dry, thus capacity gradually decreases, resulting in abnormal working circuit, such as the power supply ripple, weaker coupling and so on. Because it is difficult to precise control in the manufacturing process of aluminum electrolytic capacitor in aluminum oxide thickness and surface roughness, so the capacity of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor error usually is larger, or even that it was more than 100%. I believe you are now to know the working principle of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. ShenMao is specialized in the electrolytic capacitor production and sales of manufacturers. Model is complete, quality more secure, welcome your letter calls advisory more knowledge about electrolytic capacitors.
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