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The working state of the bipolar electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-19
As the name implies: the capacitors are polar, but in applications, the polarity can be restricted transformation, but the transformation frequency is too fast, can under the condition of low frequency restricted the use of so called bipolar, with is different from the ac electrolytic capacitor. 1. For the application in polarity reversal of dc or pulse circuits, its ability to withstand the ripple voltage and polarity capacitor are similar, the only characteristic is polarity reversal can be made on a regular basis. Used in single-phase or communication of the induction motor starting, while working while under entirely pure ac voltage, but the rules allowed per unit time starting times and every time starting time for no more than a few seconds, the reason is not allowed to heating temperature and decide, within the structure because of the core on the metal shell, and the electrolyte contact with shell, shell charged, if not the outer insulation, may have one of the capacitor sub out of danger, thus losing the characteristics of the bipolar type.
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