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There are many oolong incidents in the capacitor industry that 'Tencent sued Laoganma'!

by:Shenmao     2021-05-07
The truth of the 'Tencent suing Lao Ganma' incident that has been widely known on the Internet recently has gradually surfaced. It turned out to be an unskilled oolong incident, which made Tencent completely unspeakable and exposed. Because the company treats the contract internally, the details in the partner do not pay attention to the problem, this kind of thing is not an exception, all industries have similar incidents, for example, the capacitor industry often has such oolong incidents. The capacitor agent supply problem, the capacitor manufacturer does not give any after-sales treatment, this is a common oolong incident in the capacitor industry, for example, it is normal for a relatively well-known capacitor manufacturer to have an agent, and the capacitors supplied by the agent are also in The capacitor manufacturer takes the goods, so once the capacitor has quality problems, the capacitor manufacturer must be held responsible. There are some individual oolong incidents, some illegal businessmen claiming to be the agents of a capacitor manufacturer, and various certifications Qualification documents are available. Consumers can rest assured to place an order here. Unexpectedly, there is a problem with the quality of the capacitor, and the agent will be asked to deal with it. The agent will not deal with it. The original capacitor manufacturer will deal with it, but the capacitor manufacturer directly informs it without authorization. This company, consumers can only be dumbfounded at this time, and it is too late to verify the authenticity of the qualification documents. It can only turn directly from commercial disputes into commercial fraud processing. Oolong incidents such as the first type of capacitor agents, as long as you are careful, will generally not be fooled into oolong incidents like 'Tencent suing LaoganmaHowever, there are also cases of directly getting the goods from the capacitor manufacturer, and finally there is a problem of capacitor after-sales processing. The capacitor manufacturer directly does not handle it or disappears overnight. Do you think it is amazing? Why does the capacitor manufacturer have a problem with the supply, and there is no way to solve it for the consumer After-sales? In fact, the capacitor manufacturer is real, but the brand is not necessarily true. You must know that some capacitors are very simple to produce, so some small workshops directly produce capacitors, but the sales are not objective, and you will think of pretending to be capacitor manufacturers of other brands. Now that the network is developed, everyone relies on file transmission. As long as you pretend to be a customer and ask the capacitor manufacturer for the manufacturer’s certification information, you can use the information to fraudulently use the information yourself. When ordinary consumers see the certification information, they subconsciously think that the other party is a real capacitor manufacturer. Once a problem occurs, it is generally not solved. If the original manufacturer of the capacitor is found, the manufacturer does not know what happened! In fact, when cooperating, you should pay more attention to it. You can choose to visit the other party’s location, or let the other party’s public account transfer a small amount of verification, etc., are all easy to identify the other party’s identity, often just not carefully. Carelessness leads to such incidents.
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