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These are tiny capacitors!

by:Shenmao     2020-10-10

these are tiny capacitors! Common micro capacitor has the following 3 kinds, together with the following look at their respective characteristics, by ShenMao electronic analysis for you. 1. Chip ceramic capacitor, the capacitor table. Capacity range is 1 ~ 47800 pf, pf pressure to 25 v and 50 v. Package installation dimensions and table put a resistor. 2. Chip tantalum capacitor: small size, large capacity. Welding temperature limit under 280 ℃, time less than 10 s. The scope of its capacity of 0. 1 uf - 100 uf, the dc voltage is 4 ~ 50 v, commonly used pressure of 16 v, 35 v, etc. 3. Electric double layer capacitors: between the battery and capacitor, has a large capacity, is called a super capacitor. Normally only used for dc or low frequency condition, often used as energy storage element.
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