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These five parameters allow you to identify a good audio capacitor

by:Shenmao     2021-04-11
These five parameters allow you to identify a good capacitance: 1. Nominal parameters Nominal parameters are the values u200bu200blisted on the capacitor shell. *Electrostatic capacity, expressed by UF. Not much to say. *The working voltage (working voltage) is referred to as WV, which should be the nominal safety value, which means that the nominal voltage must not be exceeded in the application circuit. *The temperature is mostly 85 degrees and 105 degrees. Under high temperature conditions (such as pure Class A power amplifier), 105 degrees nominal should be preferred. In general, the preference for high temperature coefficient is also positive for improving the performance of other parameters. 2. Dissipation factor (DF) Sometimes the DF value is also expressed by the loss angle tan. Whether the DF value is high or low is related to temperature, capacity, voltage, and frequency; when the capacity is the same, the higher the withstand voltage, the lower the DF value. The higher the frequency, the higher the DF value, and the higher the temperature, the higher the DF value. The DF value is generally not marked on the capacitor or on the specification introduction. When choosing capacitors in DIY, priority should be given to choosing higher withstand voltage. For example, when the working voltage is 45V, it is not very reasonable to choose 50V. Although there is nothing wrong with using 50V from the withstand voltage to work normally, it is lacking in terms of the DF value. Use 63V or 71V withstand voltage will have better performance. Of course, no matter how high the price is, it won't be cost-effective. 3. The level of equivalent series resistance ESRESR is related to the capacity, voltage, frequency and temperature of the capacitor. The lower the ESR requirement, the better. When the rated voltage is fixed, the larger the capacity, the lower the ESR. When the capacity is fixed, selecting a product with a higher rated voltage can reduce ESR. ESR is high at low frequencies and low at high frequencies. High temperatures will also increase ESR. Many brands of equivalent series resistance ESR can be found on the specification sheet. 4. Leakage current can be understood at a glance, that is, leakage! Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have leakage current, which is determined by the physical structure. Needless to say, the leakage current is of course as small as possible! The higher the capacitor capacity, the greater the leakage current; lowering the operating voltage can reduce the leakage current. Conversely, the selection of higher withstand voltage varieties will also help reduce leakage current. Combining the above two parameters, it is indeed a simple and feasible method to preferentially select high withstand voltage products under the same conditions; reduce internal resistance, reduce leakage current, reduce loss angle, and increase life. There are so many benefits, but the price will be higher. There is a saying that even when the electrolytic capacitor is working at a voltage much lower than the rated operating voltage, since it cannot be effective enough to maintain the depolarization between the electrode and the electrolyte, it will cause the polarization of the electrolytic capacitor to reduce the ripple current and increase Large ESR, thereby premature aging. But the premise of this statement is 'far below the rated working voltage.' Based on some long-term practical experience, it is more reasonable and reliable to select about 2/3 of the nominal value of the rated working voltage as the normal working voltage. In the amateur, we can roughly estimate the leakage current of the electrolytic capacitor-charge the electrolytic capacitor of the same capacity according to the rated withstand voltage, and then check the voltage drop across the capacitor after a period of time. The lower the voltage drop, the smaller the leakage current. 5. Wave current Irac ripple current is a very important parameter for the filter circuit of stone machine. The ripple current Irac is as high as possible. Its level is related to the operating frequency. The higher the frequency, the larger the Irac, and the lower the frequency, the smaller the Irac. The traditional view is that we need to have a high ripple current at low frequencies in order to obtain good high-current discharge characteristics, make the low frequencies more robust, full and flexible, and have good control and drive characteristics. In fact, the high ripple current at high frequencies is also a great positive help to the tone, which can make the high frequencies have a better extension and reduce the roughness.
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