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Three points need to be paid attention to when using super farad capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-04-16
At present, in order to meet the needs of major industries, the emergence of some electronic components is still helpful to solve the problems of major industries. Therefore, the super farad capacitors that appear now will become practical components, but how to use electronic components and what to use requires attention.  Caution 1, carry out the corresponding confirmation and inspection  Because, since the super farad capacitor needs to be used, it has a certain polarity. Confirm the polarity before use. Must be used under voltage. If the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, the electrolyte will decompose, the capacitor will heat up, the capacity will decrease, the internal resistance will increase, the life will be shortened, and the performance of the capacitor will be impaired.  Note 2, please consider the specific application   The super farad capacitors currently appearing are not suitable for high-frequency charging and discharging circuits. High-frequency and high-speed charging and discharging sometimes increase the heat generation, capacity attenuation and internal resistance inside the capacitor, thereby reducing the performance of the capacitor. The external ambient temperature has an important influence on the service life. The capacitor should be as far away from heat sources as possible.  Caution 3, consider the use environment   When using this electronic component, it cannot be used in a place containing toxic gas. In this environment, the lead wires and the capacitor casing are corroded, and they cannot be used at high temperatures, such as short-circuiting. Therefore, when using this electronic component, you still need to take into account the use environment and other issues, and pay attention to using it in a suitable environment, so as to ensure the use of this component.   When using super farad capacitors, not only should it be used according to the corresponding specifications, but also various aspects should be paid attention to when using it. Only in this way can the use of this electronic component be completed and the function of this component can be guaranteed.
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