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Three precautions for the use of super farad capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-04-16
Introduction: There are some precautions when using anything, and there are also precautions when using capacitor products, so are super farad capacitors easy to use? Are there any things to pay attention to during use?   1, the voltage of super farad capacitors When using a super farad capacitor, you must pay attention to the problem of voltage. It must not exceed its rated voltage. If it exceeds its rated voltage when used, it will greatly affect the service life of the super farad capacitor. Not only that, if the rated voltage of the super farad capacitor is exceeded, a certain reaction may occur inside the capacitor and cause danger. 2. The environment and temperature of super farad capacitors. When super farad capacitors are used, their environment and temperature will directly affect the service life of super farad capacitors. Therefore, when using super farad capacitors, the temperature should not be too high. If you use super farad capacitors When the temperature is too high, it will affect its service life and may cause certain dangers. 3. Welding of Super Farad Capacitors When welding Super Farad Capacitors, the welding temperature must be controlled, and the time must be controlled within a fixed number of seconds. During the welding process, sufficient space must be maintained to ensure that the nearby air is circulating. of. If the super farad capacitor needs to be preheated, the temperature must also be controlled. If the temperature is too high, it will cause great damage to the super farad capacitor, affecting its function and service life.   The above are some things that need to be paid attention to when using super farad capacitors. Only when super farad capacitors are used in a standardized way can they be used to their maximum effect, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage to super farad capacitors.
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