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Trillions of capacitors consumed _ but this country occupies half of the market

by:Shenmao     2021-05-31
The market for capacitor use is divided into four scenarios: civilian/commercial/industrial/military. Among them, the consumption of civilian and commercial capacitors is the largest. According to official statistics in China, the number of capacitors used in a year is as high as one trillion. Calculated, however, Japan and South Korea account for most of the trillion-dollar share. The remaining market share is occupied by domestic capacitor manufacturers, but the domestic market is all low-end market shares. This situation is still after years of hard work, and the domestic capacitor manufacturers have won it. Why do the high-end electronic products market preferentially choose the imported capacitor brands? The main reason is the passiveness of Japan and South Korea. The component production technology is too mature. They belong to a large country of semiconductors, and they have already been ahead of the country in terms of technology. Thinking from the perspective of a company’s business management, if their products are damaged due to capacitors, which will affect their reputation, then This loss is large, and in the case of three trade-offs, we will definitely choose the capacitor manufacturer with the best technology and quality. The reason why domestic capacitor manufacturers are competing in the low-to-medium electronic consumer field is that the technical threshold is low. As long as they spend their minds on research, they can basically invest in building factories. In this case, domestic capacitors are blooming everywhere, and appearing all over the country. Many capacitor manufacturers, but because a core technology cannot break through, they can only compete in this field and continue to fight price wars. As a result, some capacitor manufacturers who really want to develop technology upgrades have to bow their heads in order to survive. This is the only way for the long-term high-end market capacitor field to be firmly controlled by Japan and South Korea. This will create an unfavorable situation, such as the supply of chip capacitors in 2018, Japan and South Korea. The supply of such high-end market capacitors to domestic enterprises has been stopped, which has caused prices to soar. There are only a few capacitor factories in China that can supply them, but the supply exceeds supply and cannot solve this problem. It is even more ironic that it has been placed for nearly ten years. The refurbished capacitors were sold out, and they were all sold out. It was an anecdote. To change this situation, there is really only a benign market, vigorously learn from the research and development of their own capacitor process technology, reserve capacitor Ru0026D talents, not to mention the present, at least in the future, will not be foreign because of these small capacitors. Opponents stuck their necks and Huawei’s chips were cut off. This lesson should not be forgotten. I pay tribute to every passive component developer, production staff, and staff. It’s time to change from our own thinking pattern. , Ironing still needs its own hard work, and the country’s strength also needs a small force that we share.
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