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Troubleshooting methods for audio capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-14
For capacitors, I believe that friends who love music are no strangers, because this thing is related to the changes in the sound quality of music. Of course, because of the material, the vibration effect produced is also different. Many people think that there is no special change between audio capacitors and ordinary capacitors. But in fact, there is a certain change, that is, in terms of shock absorption effect, the audio capacitor should be more integrated with our needs. Especially in the low stress range, the shock absorber effect is very important. However, even when enjoying it, it is inevitable that audio capacitors will fail. So how do we save our audio capacitors at this time? When the audio capacitor has a common failure, we should immediately cut off the power supply, and stop thinking about using it. What are the faults of audio capacitors? One is that when an abnormal sound is heard and felt inside, the temperature of the shell rises sharply, and when it falls off, it must be stopped in time. In addition, when we find that the audio capacitor is swelling, it must be stopped in time. It is inevitable that the notes will meet various unexpected situations. If you don't know how to deal with it, it will inevitably bring some unnecessary troubles and emergencies. The above are all common ways of audio capacitor failure, so when we encounter these situations, how should we deal with them? First of all, the first point is inspection. If the cause of the failure cannot be checked, then at this time, you need to act according to the system, and you need to conduct a series of tests. Don’t try it lightly before drawing a conclusion, because we probably don’t. Once you have mastered the key points, you will only have no change if you try it lightly at this time. During maintenance, it is also necessary to wear insulating gloves, because the two poles are short-circuited, and there will be separate discharges. So for our safety, it is best to wear insulated gloves. It is worthy of our attention here, that is, the material of the audio capacitor will affect the quality and performance of the product. In the process of use, it is inevitable that the cause of the failure will occur. We must know how to deal with it in time, and also know what the cause and effect are, but do not try to contact and repair it easily, the result will inevitably be worse.
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