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Types and characteristics of electrolytic capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-25
Electrolytic capacitors are one of the commonly used capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors use metal foil as the positive electrode, and the metal oxide film close to the positive electrode as the dielectric, while the cathode is composed of conductive materials, electrolytes and other materials. Because the electrolyte is the main part of the cathode, the electrolytic capacitor gets its name. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be divided into four categories: lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; bullhorn type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are limited by the size of space in some circuits. For example, if they are too large, they cannot be installed due to space limitations. In some circuits with higher frequencies, if the capacitance is large, the distributed (parasitic) capacitance will also Larger, this will affect the stability of the circuit, if the impact is more obvious in the high-frequency oscillation circuit. In addition to the two points, electrolytic capacitors are relatively larger in volume, with sufficient capacity and more durable when the insulating material and electrolyte are the same.
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