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Understand the common faults and solutions of axial capacitors to maintain their service life | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-23
In daily life, there are mainly three common faults about axial capacitors. Mastering relevant knowledge and troubleshooting in time can effectively increase the service life of axial capacitors. In the first case, the axial capacitor has sparks or catches fire due to overheating. The power should be cut off immediately, and the flame should be quickly extinguished with sand or a dry fire extinguisher. Generally, this problem is caused by the internal voltage problem of the system. Therefore, once this happens, the fuse of the fuse must be strictly checked to ensure that the specifications of the fuse match it to avoid repeated occurrences of such accidents. In the second case, the circuit breaker of the axial capacitor has tripped, but the fuse of the fuse is not blown. After this time, the axial capacitor should be discharged for three minutes, and then the circuit breaker, current sensor, and the appearance of the axial capacitor should be inspected. If no obvious abnormality is found, it is generally due to external faults or voltage fluctuations. After further inspection, if it is normal, it can be tested. Otherwise, a comprehensive power-on test must be done. If these methods cannot be checked, then the axial capacitor must be disassembled, and each unit will be inspected, and the correct reason will be found. It should not be put into operation before. In the third case, the axial capacitor suddenly trips, and the fuse of the fuse is blown, then you must immediately report to the dispatcher on duty, and disconnect the circuit breaker after negotiation. And after cutting off the power, check the external structure first to see if there are lightning traces or shell deformation, leakage and grounding short circuit, etc., and then use an insulated shaker to test the insulation resistance value. If the cause of the accident has not been found, then It is necessary to replace the fuse while it is in operation. If the replacement will continue to cause the fuse to blow, it is necessary to withdraw the faulty axial capacitor first and conduct a power-on inspection on other parts.
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