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Various classifications of metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-25
Metal film capacitors are mainly divided into the following categories: 1. Ultra-small metalized polyester film capacitor CL21X (miniaturized MEM) capacity range: 0.01UF-2.2UF Rated voltage: 50VDC-100VDC This type of metal film capacitor can be made into the current The smallest size of the capacitor, the application range is extremely wide. 2. Metallized internal string polypropylene capacitor CBB221 (high voltage type MPEH) capacity range: 0.01UF--0.47UF Rated voltage: 50VDC-100VDC 3. Metallized polyester film capacitor CL21 (impregnated MEF) capacity range: 0.001UF-- 6.8UF rated voltage: 100VDC-630VDC 4. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor CBB22 (impregnated MPF) capacity range: 0.001UF-3.3UF rated voltage: 100VDC-630VDC 5. Metal foil metalized composite electrode polypropylene film capacitor CBB81 (high voltage Type PPS) capacity range: 0.00033UF--0.22UF rated voltage: 630VDC-2000VDC 6. Box type metalized inner string polypropylene film capacitor CBB82 (box type high voltage PPC) capacity range: 0.01UF--0.22UF rated voltage: 1000VDC- 2000VDC 7. Metal foil polyester film capacitor CL11 (inductive PEI) capacity range: 0.001UF-0.47UF Rated voltage: 100VDC-1200VDC 8. Metal film polypropylene film anti-interference capacitor MKP61 (X2 category) capacity range: 0.0047 UF-1.0UF rated voltage: 250VAC-275VAC 9. High voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitor MKP81 capacity range: 0.0033UF-2UF rated voltage: 1000VDC-1600VDC 10. Box type metallized polyester film capacitor CL21H (box type MEC) Capacity range: 0.001UF-6.8UF Rated voltage: 63VDC-630VDC 11. Metallized polypropylene film AC motor capacitor CBB61 Capacity range: 0.5UF-10UF Rated voltage: 250VAC-450VAC 12. Plastic case metallized polyester film capacitor CL23 Capacity range: 0.001UF–1.0UF Rated voltage: 50VDC-400VDC Metal film capacitors currently occupy most of the capacitor market. Because of their excellent characteristics, their future application prospects are very broad. Note: In metal film capacitors, the prefix CL indicates that the plastic film is made of polyester. The prefix CBB indicates that the plastic film is made of polypropylene.
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