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Well-known foreign audio capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-14
Common audio capacitor series abroad: Sanyo Sanyo: solid capacitors SP, SG, SEP, SVP, etc.; NCC: AUDIO, ASF, AWF, series customized for various audio factories; UCC: U36D, URZA and other continuation thinking Bi continues to produce capacitor series; Rubycon: BlackGate; Nikon nichicon: MUSE series of FW, KW, FineGold, KZ, FA, FX, ES, KG, etc.; Matsushita Matsushi1ta: FM, FK, FC, FJ, Pureism, AUDIO, Master, MasterII, X-Pro; Ina ELNA: RJJ, RJH, FOR AUDIO, R2O, R2A, R3A, Starget, Cerafine, Silmic, SilmicII, customized products for various audio factories; manufacturers in Europe and the United States that produce high-quality audio capacitors : France SIC-SAFCO, Sweden RIFA, Germany ROE, Germany ERO, American Spey (SP), France LMT, France SLCE, Netherlands Philips (BC), Germany Siemens, Italy AV, Germany Weimar (WIMA), Germany FRAKO, British BHC, Denmark Jason JENSEN, American MIT, American REL-CAP, American Mallory (Mallory), American Illinois (IC), French Solen (SOLEN), Sweden EVOX, Israel Vishay (Vishay).
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