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What are in-line capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-22
Capacitors have their own lead-out method. Common capacitors have the same lead wire meaning that the lead is in the same direction. There is also a lead through the axial lead wire in the middle, so it is also called a through-core capacitor. There are co-directional solder tabs (solder pins), co-directional soft leads, etc. Among these lead-out methods, only the co-directional lead wires can be directly used to plug in the equipment, so they are also called in-line capacitors. Capacitors such as the same-direction lead wires and the same-direction solder tabs mentioned above can be directly used on the device. The specifications of the same-direction lead wires include film capacitors/electrolytic capacitors/ceramic capacitors, etc./ The capacitors of the same direction solder plate are the common large-volume cbb61 capacitors and cbb65 capacitors. Although they are in-line capacitors, in-line capacitors other than cbb61 and cbb65 capacitors still need to be welded to fix the leads so that they are not easy to fall. In principle, the in-line capacitor can be directly installed on the circuit board and then used directly, but this is the use scenario in the research and development room. Under normal use, there must be bumps and bumps. If the capacitor inside If it is not stabilized and fixed, it is still a big hidden danger for the safety of the product. The best way is to install it and then use a spray welding machine to weld it firmly. If you use cbb61 capacitors and cbb65 capacitors Otherwise, there may be fewer cases where welding is used.
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