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What are the advantages of farad capacitors compared to lithium batteries?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-26
Guide: Now when it comes to batteries, people may know something about this, but when it comes to supercapacitors, many people don't know much about it. In fact, this kind of electronic components can not only support electricity, but sometimes can also be used in place of batteries, so what is the difference with the current Farah supercapacitors and batteries.  First, better than batteries   Farad supercapacitors are different from batteries, and may be better than batteries in some applications. In some cases, the two can be combined, and in particular, this component can be combined with the storage of the battery. Within a certain voltage range, any position can be used to complete charging and completely release. The battery operates in a narrow voltage range by its own chemical reaction, so excessive placement will cause permanent damage.  Second, simpler than a battery  The charging state and voltage of a farad supercapacitor constitute a simple function, but the charging state of the battery includes various and complex conversions. Among them, if compared with traditional capacitors, batteries can store corresponding energy from them, and compared with supercapacitors of similar size, they can also complete energy storage. Supercapacitors are a better method in applications where part of the power determines the size of energy storage devices.   Third, the life span is longer than that of batteries.    Current supercapacitors can repeatedly complete energy transmission without negative effects, but on the contrary, if the battery repeatedly transmits high power, the life span will be greatly reduced. It can be charged quickly, and the battery will be damaged if charged quickly.   This is the difference between a Farad supercapacitor and a battery, that is, it has such performance, so this type of capacitor can get good applications and become a common product in all walks of life.
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