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What are the capacitor certifications | Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-01
When capacitor manufacturers produce capacitors, they must apply for safety certification before they can produce capacitors. If they do not apply for certification, the capacitors produced will be the same as capacitors produced by small workshops, and they are capacitors with potential safety hazards. Then capacitors What are the certifications? 1. RoHS certification RoHS certification is also called environmental certification. Basically, capacitors produced by regular capacitor manufacturers must comply with environmental certification before they can produce capacitors. The purpose is to prove that the capacitor does not have any harmful substances and can be used with confidence. This type of certification There are also many channels. 2. CQC certification CQC certification is also known as China Quality Certification Center. Because this type of certification has strong credibility and is recognized by many users, many capacitor manufacturers will choose to do CQC certification. Common CQC certified capacitors are safety capacitors. Start capacitors. However, there are some starting capacitors that can be used without applying for CQC certification. This mainly depends on your own selection requirements. 3. VDE certification VDE certification is called the German National Electrical Product Certification. The main reason for this certification is that some countries in the European Union do not recognize CQC certified capacitors, so it is convenient to do this after passing this type of EU certification. For export trade, VDE is an independent agency and non-national, so if you complete the certification, you need to submit all the information to a foreign country for a serious, or entrust a domestic agency to handle it. 4. UL certification UL certification is a kind of insurance certification in the United States, mainly Ensuring safety certification and business safety certification is also an indispensable link for capacitor certification. If the capacitor is used in the domestic market, there may only be RoHS certification and CQC certification. If it is foreign trade, then the capacitor must pass RoHS/CQC /VDE/UL/ these four certifications
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