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What are the common misunderstandings of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-28
For capacitors of the same capacity, the more small capacitors in parallel, the better? Metal film capacitors withstand voltage, temperature resistance, capacitance, ESR (equivalent resistance), etc. are several important parameters of the capacitor. Naturally, the lower the ESR, the more Great. ESR is related to the capacity, frequency, voltage, and temperature of the absorption capacitor. When the voltage is fixed, the larger the capacity, the lower the ESR. In the board design, the use of multiple small capacitors in parallel is mostly due to the limitation of PCB space, so some people think that the more small resistors in parallel, the lower the ESR and the better the effect. Theoretically, this is the case, but considering the impedance of the solder joints of the metal film capacitors, using multiple small capacitors in parallel may not necessarily be outstanding. The lower the ESR, the better the effect? u200bu200bThe relative capacity requirements of metal film capacitors, and the requirements for ESR can be appropriately reduced. Because the input capacitance is mainly the withstand voltage, followed by absorbing the switching pulse of the MOSFET. For the output capacitor, the withstand voltage requirements and capacity can be appropriately reduced a bit. The requirement of ESR is higher, because what must be guaranteed here is sufficient current throughput. But it should be noted here that ESR is not as low as possible. Low ESR capacitors will cause the switching circuit to oscillate. The complexity of the anti-vibration circuit will also lead to an increase in cost. In the board design, there is generally a reference value here, which is used as a component selection parameter to avoid the increase in cost caused by the vibration elimination circuit. Metal film capacitors represent high-quality? The 'capacitance-only theory' once flourished, and some manufacturers and media deliberately made this thing a selling point. In board design, the level of circuit design is the key. Just as some manufacturers can use two-phase power supply to make products that are more stable than some manufacturers use four-phase power supply, blindly using high-priced capacitors may not make good products. To measure a product, we must consider it from all angles and angles, and the role of metal film capacitors must not be exaggerated intentionally or unintentionally. For more information about metal film capacitors, please call the toll-free hotline 4006299138.
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