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What are the common types of capacitors?|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-07
We all know that there are many types of capacitors, but there are also those that are often used in life. Different types of capacitors have different functions and characteristics. Shenmao Capacitors will list them for you: 1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: It is made of an aluminum cylinder as a negative electrode, a liquid electrolyte is filled in it, and a piece of curved aluminum strip is inserted as a positive electrode. It also needs to be processed by DC voltage to form a layer of oxide film as a medium on the chip used as the positive electrode. It is characterized by large capacity, large leakage, poor stability, and positive and negative polarity. It is suitable for power supply filtering or low-frequency circuits. When using, the positive and negative poles should not be reversed. 2. The structure of film capacitors is similar to that of paper capacitors, but the use of low-loss plastic materials such as polyester and polystyrene as the medium has good frequency characteristics. Oscillation and timing circuit. 3. Porcelain dielectric capacitor through-core or pillar structure porcelain dielectric capacitor, one of its electrodes is a mounting screw. The lead inductance is very small, the frequency characteristic is good, the dielectric loss is small, and the temperature compensation function can not be made into a large capacity. The capacity change caused by vibration is especially suitable for high-frequency bypass. 4. Monolithic capacitors (multilayer ceramic capacitors) are coated with electrode paddle materials on a number of ceramic film blanks, and after stacking, they are wound into an indivisible whole at a time, and the outside is encapsulated with resin to form a small volume, large capacity, New capacitors with high performance and high temperature resistance, low-frequency monolithic capacitors with high dielectric constant also have stable performance, small size, high Q value, large capacity error, noise bypass, filter, integration, and oscillation circuits.
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