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What are the functions of the filter capacitor in the power rectifier circuit? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-22
The filter capacitor plays a very important role in the power supply rectifier circuit, and the power supply can effectively reduce the pulsating component after adding the filter ground capacitor. The rectified current is a unidirectional pulsating current (50 (half wave) or 100 (full wave)/second unidirectional wave), not a smooth DC current, and the function of the capacitor is to use its charge and discharge characteristics, here High-charge and low-discharge are used to flatten these unidirectional pulsating waves, and at the same time increase the average value of the output DC voltage. The filter capacitor can also loop the remaining AC components and filter out high-order harmonics. This is because the capacitor's pass-through and direct isolation effect makes these clutter components short-circuit and return. The addition of the filter capacitor can also improve the instantaneous overload capacity of the power supply output. The filter capacitor of the power supply has a large capacity, and its energy storage function can improve the instantaneous current characteristics of the circuit to adapt to those loads with excessive instantaneous current.
Collectively, the effect of electrolytic capacitor on industrial society has been to eliminate electrolytic capacitor suppliers and drastically reduce the time long associated with electrolytic capacitor suppliers.
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