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What are the precautions for capacitor installation?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-29

what are the precautions for capacitor installation? The main considerations are the following six aspects, the following together and capacitor manufacturers ShenMao electronic analysis is introduced for you. (1) shall meet the requirements of ambient temperature, the capacitors should be installed in the absence of corrosive steam and gas, not love dust such as erosion, and well ventilated place. ( Indoor products should be is not affected by rain, snow, etc) (2) the capacitor can be installed on the hob, a row or two rows, each row should not be placed more than three layers from top to bottom, should have enough insulation distance between layers, each layer of the distance between the capacitor should be not less than 100 mm, capacitor when installation should be upright ( The specially designed can also be placed horizontally) 。 To keep well ventilated and working personnel to carry out inspection and maintenance is convenient, capacitor unit shall set up maintenance channel, its width should be not less than 1. 2 meters. (3) shall not be installed to hamper the air circulation between the horizontal layers of clapboard, the cooling air outlet should be installed in the upper part of each group of capacitor (4) the capacitor is installed on the shelf before needed capacitance is tie-in, the balance of the same capacitance ( Accuracy is 5%) 。 (5) line voltage waveform and properties shall be determined in the capacitor before and after the device, and take corresponding measures, especially with the harmonic source ( Rectifier, etc. ) The circuit. 6 capacitor directly on the induction motor for end, when the motor is disconnected from the line, self-excited can occur, so the voltage on the capacitor may rise to greater than the rating, in order to avoid this, when choosing capacitor, must make the rated current of the capacitor is less than the no-load current of the motor.
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